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RGB Engineering can arrange for instructional roll grinder training seminars to be conducted in the customer's plant or designated facility.  These can be formal classroom type sessions and/or "hands-on" training at the grinder, and are generally  geared to the operator or maintenance level of personnel.  Often times, the seminal will include presentations by other key people, like grinding wheel technical support specialists, Pro-Mic representatives, or suppliers of other equipment used on the grinder.


Although the focus of the discussions will by necessity be technical in nature,  the material will be presented in a practical manner in a format suitable for the seminar attendees.  The two adjacent sketches are examples of engineering principles presented in a way that are easily understood by roll grinder operators or maintenance personnel.  A typical seminar agenda could include discussion topics on the machine description, foundation, geometric tolerances, surface finish, alignment & setup, crowning, chatter, vibration, grinding techniques, grinding problems, wheels, coolant, wheel dressing, roll materials, safety, and engineering data.  Other topics can be included as dictated by the customer's requirements.  Ample time will be reserved for questions & answers and informal discussions on subjects not included on the written agenda. 


In addition to these general roll grinder training seminars, RGB can also provide detailed instructional sessions on specific equipment or processes related to the mechanical, electrical, electronics, or programming aspects of the products sold by RGB Engineering (i.e.: crowner controls, PLC interface, bed correction theory, etc.).