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Due to the nature of the business, which involves primarily working on older style roll grinders, RGB Engineering is often the first to know of a customer's intention to place a roll grinder on the used machinery market.  In today's environment, compared with the price for new equipment, the purchase of a pre-owned roll grinder can be a very cost effective alternative to buying a new machine.  Often, the castings are of heavier section and the basic design more rigid than some of today's newer machines.  The old machine tool companies usually had in-house foundries, which meant that castings were more economical to manufacture, and the overall construction of the machine was heavier.  Old bed castings can even be better than new due to the stress relieving effects of the aging process.  And most importantly, cast iron has much better damping qualities compared to the steel weldments prominent in modern machine tools.  Usually new electrics and controls will be added, and various improvements (like the RGB computerized crowner control) can enhance the grinder's capabilities beyond its original design.   


RGB Engineering has a lot more to offer than a typical used machinery broker.  Due to our many years of experience servicing only the roll grinder industry, and with an engineering background focusing on all types of roll grinders (especially the Farrel line), we are in a position to offer a better overall package, which will be fair to both the buyer and seller.  The services can include an inspection and technical evaluation of the equipment, together with a written report  summarizing the required recommendations for minimal repairs, or a more extensive upgrade if that is of interest.  This will include both mechanical and electrical portions of the grinder.     


Please contact RGB Engineering if there is an interest in selling or buying used roll grinder equipment.