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There are two very important factors that distinguish RGB Engineering from other companies.  First, roll grinders, and activities relating to roll grinding, are  my only business!  Having spent my whole career in this field, I feel that this is a true area of expertise that I can offer my customers, which is not the case when too many diverse projects are undertaken.  And second, I have purposely kept the company small, in order that I can manage all the projects personally.  In fact, the "consulting" aspect of the business allows me to become deeply involved in all facets of a project.  I work out of a home-based office, and consequently can be reached anytime night or day.  I sincerely believe that working in this capacity offers a distinct advantage to my customers, compared with some larger companies that are subject to personnel changes, product obsolescence, down-sizing, etc.  I also believe that running a self-owned business results in a more conscientious attitude with regard to product quality, service, and customer relations.  If required, references are available from my long-term customers that will substantiate this work ethic.      


The RGB team consists of a nucleus of people and sub-contractors, all with many years of experience in the various disciplines required to produce the roll grinder products and services supplied.  I have summarized below my own personal background resume, along with similar reference material of the key people responsible for various areas of expertise in the RGB organization.

Bob Bennett

Owner & Mechanical Engineer

Education & Background:

  B.S.M.E. WPI

  M.S.M.E. Univ. of Bridgeport

  Professional Engineer (P.E.)

  Granted 5 patents - roll grinder work

  Member: AISE & ISS


I had twenty three years of work with Farrel Corporation, holding the title of chief engineer of the roll grinder division from 1975 thru 1987, when Farrel sold the roll grinder line.  Emphasis has been on the practical aspects of machine design, as well as R&D and service.  Some typical projects under my supervision included:



Hydrostatic bearing design.


Refinements of two-wheel roll grinder swingrest principles to achieve precise roll shape tolerances on paper calender rolls, accounting for effects of crowning, above center grinding, roll sag, bed way distortion, etc.


Design of roll grooving cutter heads and roll/carriage drive arrangements for new and retrofit applications.


Enhancement of automation techniques in the application of NC to roll grinders in the 60's, 70's, & 80's.


Development of a machine mounted automated caliper for measuring diameter, and plotting roll profile and TIR to exacting tolerances.


Design of the first portable plotting caliper.


Complete design and implementation of a high performance eccentric infeed wheelhead which utilized 42" diameter wheels to 150 hp.


Development of computerized crowning systems for roll grinders.


Exhausting research, field testing, and follow-up machine modifications (i.e.: selective stiffening, tuned absorbers, etc.), to overcome chatter problems in roll grinders.

In addition to managing the general operations of RGB Engineering, I am personally responsible for all the mechanical layout, design, and drafting work. 


Ken Westlund

Software Engineer

Education & Background:

  M.S.E.E. Northeastern University

  C.E. Courses @ Northeastern & U. Mass

    i.e.: advanced Java, C++, Visual     

    Basic, TCP/IP, Networking, Windows   

    MFE, Object Oriented Programming


Ken's primary responsibility with RGB Engineering is to develop, implement, and maintain the software inherent with the computerized crowner systems.   He has an extensive background in software development and programming.  His 35 years of experience in real-time control systems include:

* Medical @ ZOLL, H-P, & Aspect

* Defense, Aerospace @ GTE/Sylvania &


* Glass, textile, semiconductor @ Emhart

* Semiconductor @ Genus

* Communications @ PictureTel, Unifi, &


* Publishing @ Houghton-Mifflin

* Railroad @ Computer Identics



Bob Triantafillos

Mechanic & Field Serviceman


Education & Background:

  Sikorsky Aircraft: Mach Training Program

  Farrel: Mach Apprenticeship Program


Bob serviced his apprenticeship with Farrel and worked for eighteen years primarily as an erector, field serviceman, and senior technician with extensive experience installing and servicing the Farrel two-wheel roll grinder.  This was followed up with another eight years of experience working through Middlebury Engineering & Technical Services (METS) on all types of roll grinders.


His strengths include troubleshooting grinding problems, bed leveling & alignment, scraping bed & carriage ways, hydrodynamic and hydrostatic spindle installations, and general repairs. 


In addition to his roll grinder background, Bob has also worked for Producto Moore Machine Toll Company as an assembler of precision machines and Seymour Products Company as a toolsetter.  


Ron Gordiski

Electrical Engineer



Education & Background:

  B.S.E.E. Univ. of New Haven

  Professional Engineer (P.E.)

  Granted 2 patents - roll grinder work

  Member: IEEE


Ron's responsibility with RGB Engineering is to design and test all electrical circuits and hardware, which include operator control stations, PLC programming, electronic pc boards, inter-connection wiring diagrams, and cable charts.  This also involves pre-shipment calibration and testing of AC and DC drives, DC servo drives, LVDT modules, incremental & absolute encoders, as well as developing and maintaining electrical CAD drawings and documentation for instruction manuals and customer files.


Prior to joining RGB Engineering in 1987, Ron also has had twelve years of extensive experience with Farrel as an electrical staff engineer and then as chief engineer of electrical and electronic controls for roll grinders, both single wheel and two wheel.  Areas of responsibility included:



Development of an electronic infeed system for the Hi-Pro grinder.


Design of electronic tripping device.


Electrical design of both machine mounted and portable plotting calipers.


Analog and digital circuit board design and testing.


Instructional seminars.


Kirk Martinsen

Field Service Engineer

Education & Background:

  A.S.E.E. Valparaiso Technical Institute


Working in the industry since 1972, Kirk has a solid background in drives and controls.  He has numerous certificates of course completions from Allen Bradley in PLC training including remote I/O and networking.   He has also attended a number of Wonderware and Incontrol courses, with follow-up hands-on experience implementing roll grinder control upgrades on reconditioned roll grinders.  This work is accomplished through his affiliation with Metal Manufacturing Company, who have reconditioned many types of grinders with full sequence control automation, integrating the RGB Engineering computerized crowner system with their PLC/Wonderware front end workstation.  For more information, see their web site @ www.metalmfg.com.


Kirk also has previous work experience at USS Gary, working on the startup team for the Q-BOP and 13 blast furnace, as well as many other industrial projects - first PLC boiler & hazardous waste incinerator, batch charging systems, and as maintenance supervisor & project engineer at Owens Corning Fiberglass, he pioneered PLC's with PID loops, boiler controls, and peer networking.

Phoenix Machine

RGB Engineering machine shop services are provided through Phoenix Machine  Company.  This is a small shop with an assembly department as well as CNC machining capabilities.  One of the primary benefits of this arrangement is that both the machining and assembly are carried out together, which insures maximum attention to assembly fits and overall quality control.  This is a throw-back to earlier times in the machine tool industry, where one craftsman was responsible for a complete assembly, resulting in a "pride of workmanship" quality, which is also the goal of RGB Engineering.   

Schulz Electric
Schulz Electric is RGB Engineering's subcontractor responsible for assembling, wiring, and testing electrical panels, work stations, and enclosures used primarily with the computerized crowner systems.  More detailed information about Schulz Electric Company can be found on their web site, @ www.schulzelectric.com.